Fava Stadsodling


Fava cultivates vegetables on a small scale locally in Malmö with love and handcraft, without artificial fertilizers and chemicals. They offer courses, vegetable boxes, and vegetable delivery to businesses and restaurants.

The tone is inviting, natural and committed and aims to convey sustainability, care and passion for organic farming and their customers.

Favas identity aims to differentiate themselves from competitors while embodying their values and beliefs. With a vibrant color palette and a logo inspired by the organic shape of the fava bean to convey their natural and sustainable farming methods. The strategic use of lowercase letters in the logo reflects their small-scale business model and hands-on approach. Illustrations were designed to align with their personality and reinforce the narrative of handmade, locally produced goods. Combined with print and digital materials, this creates a cohesive brand identity for Fava.

This collaboration is still under process and more will come.