Huldufólk is a card-based role-playing game designed at the demand of SpilleRiget which is a development project at the new hospital BørneRiget. The purpose of the project is to create a place where young people and their families can find play and activity during their hospital stay. 

World building is the design of a fictional world, which is often illustrated with maps and stories, but sometimes also includes complete cultural studies of mythologies, inhabitants and languages. Our universe takes place in the Icelandic mythology of Huldufólket. Huldufólket, or “The hidden people”, are said, according to folklore, to be supernatural, peaceful beings that coexist in the Icelandic nature in a parallel universe to ours. We humans cannot see them, but according to legend, they can make themselves visible and lend a helping hand to humans should they be exposed to mortal danger. The power of the story should make the player engage emotionally and the story needs to evolve along with the game.

The following was a school project undertaken at the Royal Danish Academy, made in collaboration with Alexandra Olgudottir.