Jens Almquist, a food columnist at Sydsvenskan, and Julia Tuvesson, a cookbook author and food influencer known as Tuvessonskan, served as the hosts of SNACK!, a conversation club that unfolded over three Sundays in 2023. They explored a variety of captivating topics with a diverse array of guests, including chefs, comedians, authors and more.

In the initial session, they addressed “Bean Hate,” exploring historical events unfairly tarnishing legumes and proposing perception changes. The second, “Gear Girls,” delved into kitchen utensils’ cultural significance. The third talk focused on Christmas buffet in the past, present, and future.

We aimed to encapsulate the love for food as an integral part of the identity, making the logotype with the intention of capturing the organic and welcoming essence of SNACK!, which is reflected in the identity through colors like “white bean” and “sage green.” The resulting material included social media content and printed posters.

Made in collaboration with Alexandra Olgudottir. Photos by Frida Möller.